From the Field: December 8, 2014

Cedar City, Utah

This week was very, very slow…. Slow because so many people are out of town.

We are still teaching lots of people. We also have a few people who have committed to being baptized but haven’t set a date…. I will let the future Cross Hollow missionaries deal with that… We have also had three baptisms scheduled (three different people) in the last four weeks, but they have been rescheduled for one reason or another.  One baptism on the 29th of November didn’t happen.  And the baptism last weekend moved to the 27th of December…So, things happen!  We are teaching many people; we have a solid teaching pool, but we haven’t found any one new to teach in a while.

Elder Aamodt and I get along great. He is awesome.  We are going to a lot of ward Christmas parties and eating lots of good food.

This is my last full week as a full-time missionary…




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From the Field: November 10 through December 1, 2014

Cedar City, Utah

Highlights: Ran into the Nashville Tribute Band, had a zone meeting, built a fence, and witnessed a marriage and a baptism. In one week, we taught 30 lessons and meet eight new investigators. We have another baptism this next Saturday.

At times it’s a bit slow because of sickness, travel, or it’s just too cold and no one let’s us in…But we still manage to meet our goals.

This last week we reached 33,333.3 miles on our car! Something to celebrate!

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with the Adair clan. Very nice.

I’ve received my travel itinerary for December 17, 2014. I arrive at the Seattle airport at 12:18 pm, Delta!
So see you all in 16 days!!

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November 3, 2014

Cedar City, Utah

We’ve been eating pizza for two weeks. Seriously! Yikes!

District meeting on Thursday. The sister missionaries did training on the Book of Mormon. Way good. Sister Lasalosi said that the scriptures are like letters from God just for her.

Snowed for the first time this season. Had some great moments this week, picking up a new investigator and meeting our teaching goals. Elder Goodwin and I work really well together. I met a returned missionary who served in Issaquah Highlands and Sammamish 2nd Ward, Elder Brown. He remembers my mom! Sweet.

Went to the St. George Temple. We were looking for ride last night and called Russ Olsen to see if he was going to the temple and he said, “Yes, how did you know?” It was a great day. So good. Very spiritual.

My cousin Blaine got his mission call to Columbus, Ohio, and is leaving in January. Great news!

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October 20, 2014

Cedar City, Utah

October 18 — Being a missionary: Day 671

Today we only had one scheduled lesson,so we decided to hang out with ward mission leaders. Ended up having seven lessons, three contacted referrals, and five new investigators! Not bad. I think we will be hanging out with our ward mission leaders more often from here on out.

My investigator, Mike Meldrum, whom I have spent the past seven months teaching, was baptized in Pineview Stake in St. George this day. I wasn’t able to attend because of my recent transfer. I cried! But it was a glorious day.

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October 13, 2014

From the Field: Cedar City, Utah<

A few notes from my journal:

Wednesday, October 1 – Wow! What a day. New people to teach. Eight lessons. And it’s cold!!! Going to freeze tonight. Here comes winter.

Friday, October 3 – Had a great experience today. We were driving down a street and Elder Goodwin had a feeling to turn around. Ended up at the house of someone the previous missionaries have been trying to find for a while. A party was going on…Long story short, we got three names to teach.

Saturday, October 4 — Great time with General Conference. Much learned and remembered. Had a great lesson with a man who is thinking of being baptized.

Sunday, October 5 – First time eating turkey bacon. Good! More General Conference: Be nice to everyone and obey the commandments!

Monday, October 6 – Adventures with Elder Goodwin…We went to the northern end of Zion’s with Brother Olsen. It was a great P-day adventure. I also got a haircut, and we were able to finish all our shopping.

Tuesday, October 7 – Today was great! Spent the morning cleaning and organizing. Elder Goodwin and I are a good team. We were referred to a new couple and helped them move for three hours. They are from New York and were on vacation in Moab this past spring and got stuck there. Decided to check out St. George and Cedar City. Loved Cedar City, so they bought a house here. People have interesting stories! After the move, we taught another family. Really spiritual. They are very close to baptism.

Thursday, October 9 – Zone meeting. Went very well. Afterwards, we taught a man who is trying to return to church.

Saturday, October 11 – We met our goals perfectly. It was a very good day. Elder Goodwin is very good at following the spirit. We were able to pick up a new investigator because he felt like knocking on a door across the street from the bathroom I was about to use. Another investigator told us today that he wants to be baptized, but we don’t have a firm date yet. He also fed us his amazing lasagna…Yum.

This week we were able to meet our goals: we found five new investigators and were able to teach 23 lessons. And a less-active gentleman came to church for the first time in 16 years. We had an incredible experience with a young woman (a member) and her family (not-members)…too long to tell everything, but I felt like I was witnessing a miracle!

Two months to go…

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October 6, 2014

From the Field: Cedar City, Utah

Yes, I’ve been transferred. Cedar is fine, but cold. We have a car. My new comp is very committed. We are busy! And I am very tired!

It’s always fun to be in a new area and learn 5,000 new names, faces, places and everything else. My new companion is Elder Goodwin. He is from Texas and is a recent convert of one year and has been on his mission for three months. One of the missionaries that taught him just went home, but the other missionary is still out on his mission in Texas. Pretty neat. He is a powerful teacher.

We made new business cards together. Can’t wait to use them. Our district is so small! Only us and one set of sister missionaries. That makes me the Relief Society President again, if you know what I mean!

Ate my first turkey bacon this week. Watched conference, which was great. I loved Sunday morning and Elder Bednar’s talk mucho! Saw Aunt Lorraine’s sister in the Mormon Tabernacle .Plus Andy sent me a Pikachu shirt!!

A Good Week…

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From the Field: September 22, 2014

St. George, Utah

Wow, this week has been great.

Actively teaching over 15 non-members, 7 of which are on date…. 9 less-active individuals and 10 recent converts. What a place to serve!

Mike Meldrum is one of those who have accepted a baptismal date. I have been working with Mike since I first got here in Pine View seven months ago. It started as a referral and then Elder Rawlins and I happened to eat dinner with him a day or so later. His food was so good, but when asked about missionary stuff, his general attitude was “I won’t take the lessons, I won’t go to church, I won’t quit smoking or drinking, and I certainly won’t get baptized!! But I will feed you!” Well, soon he was going to church every week, sometimes in a wheel chair due to a broken hip. He eventually officially accepted the missionary lessons and is now set to be baptized on October 11th.

It’s just incredible to see that kind of change over the time I have been here. I sincerely hope that I will be close by next transfer so I can attend his baptism. It’s been such a journey.

I love the Gospel!!

~Elder Mayberry

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